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A Small School for a Big World.

Right now, it’s all wide open. Your future, your options, your mind, your heart. And everyone is looking to you to make a choice. What’s your next step? We say take your time, maybe take your pulse, and take a look at a very surprising school that’s all about open arms, open eyes and opening the doors to your success: American International College—a small school for a big world. And big dreams. AIC is a one-of-kind school that creates a community of learners and a family of friends from one of the most diverse student populations anywhere, then takes that community and you on a journey of achievement—powered by amazing teachers, non-stop real-world experience and dozens of respected academic programs. This is a college where you will feel at home the minute you arrive, where someone always has your back, where tomorrow is waiting. Who knew a school with 2,200 students could be this big…

Like every other college in your growing pile of brochures, we want you to know who we are. But at AIC we think it’s much more important to understand who you are—and what you want. Do you want personal attention and incredible support from your professors? Do you want a school where creativity and flexibility rule—where how things could be is just as important as how things are? Do you want the kind of training that stresses internships and experience, makes employers take notice and makes any future possible? Do you want a college that has renowned programs in health care, education, criminal justice, business, arts and sciences, and more? Do you want to live with, learn with (and learn from) students representing every corner of the country and every ethnic, cultural and economic slice of the American pie—not to mention 28 countries? Do you want a comfortable campus in a not-too-big, not-too-small city? Then you’re in luck.

what do you want?
AIC is a college of opportunity—with a long tradition of achievement and innovation. In everything from academics to athletics, we nurture, challenge, support—we give you a reason to work hard and a ton of fresh experiences. The result is confidence, personal growth, and academic and professional success. That’s what we do: maximize your potential, power your future.

learning large
The college is small; the choices are big. Three dozen undergraduate academic majors (see Overview at the back of this booklet for the complete list) allow you to find your ideal career path—and if you aren’t sure what you want to do with your life, or you want to customize your academic program, no college is more flexible than AIC. From nursing to criminal justice, mathematics to marketing, secondary education to pre-med, economics to physical therapy, every program has a core of liberal arts courses that will show you the best in human achievement and connect you to the global community. Every major is firmly tied to the real world, with a strong internship/experience focus. And AIC’s respected graduate programs allow you to go as far as you want to go. The intimate learning community means classes are small and interactive, and you won’t find yourself competing for facilities with 16,000 other students.