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  All Together. And Altogether Better.
Right here in Oregon, right now, something unprecedented is happening. Something that will change the way women are treated and cared for, and change the way women’s health issues are researched and taught. This is a story of commitment and innovation that will eventually touch us all. Together, Oregon Health Sciences University and hundreds of women and men in our community are creating a new reality for providing health care and health information that goes beyond tradition and beyond expectations: The Center for Women’s Health at OHSU.

Today, more than half the population of America is female. There are more than 113,000,000 women age 18 and older in this country. Yet the current health care system falls far short of meeting many of women’s unique needs. Health care for women isn’t always a simple matter of calling the physician or other health care provider, making an appointment, and getting help and answers.

For many, it is a frustrating exercise, a confusing experience involving fragmented services, conflicting information and unclear outcomes. For some, it can become an unsettling journey through a maze of providers and facilities, ending in frequent dead-ends and disappointments. The same fragmentation and missed opportunities often plague the dissemination of women’s health information and the conduct of women’s health research. Until now, there hasn’t been a clear vision, an integrated focus, an inspired re-invention of health care, communication and research for women.

Simply stated, the mission of OHSU’s Center for Women’s Health is to change all that.
Nurtured by a clear need, and led by a group of women in our community, the Center for Women's Health was born to create both a new vision and a new home for women's health care and research in Oregon, and to promote women's full understanding of their bodies and how to best care for them. And to integrate the extraordinary resources of OHSU, recognized as one of the country's top care and research centers —no institution is better suited to launch a new era in women's health care.

Today, OHSU is vigorously planning for the expansion and enhancement of the Center for Women's Health. Its promise is becoming reality. A resource unlike anything in the Northwest, weaving the complete tapestry of women's health into OHSU's missions of healing, teaching, and discovery. This will be a place where traditional barriers are gone. Where women of all ages will have access to care for every aspect of their health, and to up-to-date information on any women’s health issue. From primary care to obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology to nutrition--virtually every specialty, virtually every kind of provider, all coordinated in a seamless integration of activities, communication, compassion and care to best serve each woman's individual needs.

Here, pioneering research will lead to new understanding in prevention and treatment of health concerns that affect women. And vital new women’s health breakthroughs will be easily accessed by health care providers, scientists, teachers and students. The Center will be patient-friendly, family-friendly, community-friendly and future-friendly. A resource for all, leading the way in a new approach to the health and well-being of women.

Together, this is what we will build: a landmark new facility, with over 100,000-square-feet of groundbreaking clinical, educational and research space. Energized by its comprehensive, collaborative approach to women’s health, the building will contain medical offices, diagnostic and treatment rooms, classrooms, counseling rooms, a wellness/fitness center, an educational resource center and bookstore, and child care facilities.

In both design and function, the Center will link the science and art of healing, conventional and complementary care, traditional and “alternative,” technology and nature. This will be a place where the “whole” of each woman is cared for, recognizing the complex interrelationships between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Right now, more than 185 OHSU faculty and staff are at work developing and implementing Center for Women’s Health programs that will distinguish and power the new facility. There will be an extensive range of programs in comprehensive care, with special attention given to wellness and prevention. Public and provider education will be a priority. And the coordination of a wealth of OHSU biomedical research programs into a focused agenda for women’s health will accelerate the turning of research results into clinical reality.

The momentum builds each day. The possibilities expand at the speed of new ideas. Now, we need you. Even with the incredible progress that’s been made, there is much to be done. It will take the sustained philanthropic support of our entire community to reach this important goal. Success
depends upon the actions of people like you. Your support, your commitment to the Campaign for Women’s Health and OHSU’s Center for Women’s Health, will help determine what the future of health and health care looks like for ourselves, our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our wives.
Beginning today, right now, add your voice and your resources to our goal of a new vision of health in body, mind and spirit for all women. Help us build the Center for Women’s Health. Help us build our future. Thank you.