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This is how tomorrow arrives:
It sneaks, it slides, it whispers, it shrieks.
It bursts, it coalesces, it overtakes, it explodes.
We never saw it coming; we knew it all along.
We can’t believe our eyes; we’ve seen it all before.
We plan, we hope, we build, we batten down. We give, we commit, we cross our fingers. We open our eyes and open our hearts. Sometimes we’re almost ready.

There’s a moment coming.
Wait for it…almost here…almost here…
Oh—it’s gone.

That’s how George Carlin once described the arrival of the future: little by little, inch by inch, moment by moment. Milton called it the “never-ending flight of future days.” Or was that the Moody Blues?
One thing is for sure: Every today is a day of future past. After all, everything we know is about yesterday, but every decision we have to make is about tomorrow. And they say tomorrow never comes.

Or does it?

Some people believe it does. You, for example.

And the people of Oregon Health Sciences University. With your generosity and your commitment through the Oregon Health Sciences Foundation and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation, OHSU in 1997 has made remarkable strides in preparing for the always expected (yet eternally surprising) arrival of tomorrow. The foresight and caring of almost 28,000 donors has combined with the hard work of thousands of teachers, scientists, clinicians, students and employees to create new facilities, new ideas and new expectations. The page is turning, the century is turning, the world is turning—and you have created a new future for healing, teaching and discovery.

Look back from here and now: the Class of 1997 (physicians, nurses, dentists, paramedics, physician assistants, dental hygienists, allied health professionals) has gone out into the new world of health care with fresh ideas and exceptional training. Extraordinary biomedical research discoveries have been made at an unprecedented rate. Tens of thousands of patients have been treated and helped—on and off the Hill. A new state-of-care OHSU Emergency Department serves Oregon. A nationally funded and internationally respected Cancer Center is creating new knowledge and new hope. A community-driven Center for Women’s Health is taking shape.

Look forward from here and now: the stunning new Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is just a few months away from treating its first kid. The first OHSU classes of the 21st century have come to the Hill and to teaching sites throughout Oregon. More new biomedical and clinical research projects than ever are underway. OHSU is the strongest, the most efficient, the best-prepared to serve the community’s future that it’s ever been.

Look in any direction and what you see is your work—because your gifts played a vital role in all of this. Your commitment and generosity are the future. Never be lulled by the size and scope of Oregon Health Sciences Foundation and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation (or by the scale and success of the university and missions they support)—the future will always arrive little by little, gift by gift, good work by good work. You will always be at its heart. You will always be needed and appreciated.

There’s a moment coming.
Wait for it…almost here…almost here…
It’s the moment you made possible, and it signals the future you have helped create. We thank you; and in this report we invite you to share a few more moments with us…