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Don’t Go to College.
Join a Community.

We Are Warner Pacific. (student photos)

And Warner Pacific College is Us.
We’d love to tell you why we chose to come to an out-of-the-way small college, that you probably have never heard of, on the side of an extinct volcano in Portland, Oregon. A Christ-centered college whose entire student body is about the size of a freshman comp lecture at a major university. A college that feels a lot more like one of those perfect small towns in the movies than an urban learning institution. A place where you don’t just see the college president on TV, you actually see him the hallways. A college where the faculty and every student cares about who you are, and why. A college where the students talk about stuff like service and sacrifice—and
nobody’s embarrassed. A place where community is everything.

We’d love to tell you why we’re here—but we’re not sure we can. Warner Pacific is more about what it feels like than what it sounds like or looks like. The thing is, you really have to come here, like we did, and see (feel) for yourselves. But until you can, we’ll tell you what we know about Warner Pacific College. Give us a break if it sounds a little corny—it’s just the way it is.

So Friendly it’s Almost Weird.
That’s the first thing you’re going to notice. The kind of people who choose to come here are usually the kind of people who are very open and friendly. If you come from someplace that’s not quite like that, then it may seem kind of strange at first that every student and every teacher says hello to you. People here are more interested in getting real than acting cool. Hang out here for long, and you’re going to wind up with 700 new friends.

It’s that small town thing—Warner is in the middle of a city of a million people, but it’s its own place, where everybody knows you and everybody cares. If that sounds bad, this isn’t the place for you. Like those small towns in the movies, if somebody thinks you’re having trouble with something—a class, a person, a problem—they’re going to try to help you. If they think you need to have some fun, they’re going to see that you do. Sorry.

Live to Learn, Learn to Live
Teachers at Warner Pacific are incredibly accessible—ready and willing to give you one-on-one attention, help and encouragement. That doesn’t mean they aren’t going to challenge you, make you work hard and make you accomplish a lot. For over 60 years, Warner has been a respected educational institution, whose alumni have reached the top of many fields of service and endeavor.

It’s just that here it’s more of a team effort. Support is just as important as instruction, and that goes beyond the classroom. Your teachers become your mentors, and they celebrate your uniqueness. The Warner faculty is committed to helping you gain the knowledge, competencies and character that will lead to success in whatever career you choose. Every college says that, we realize, but there’s no place where it’s more true than Warner—each faculty member here could make more money and publish more books at a big university, but they stay because they love to teach, they love to counsel and, well, Warner really is special. (Both the president and senior vice-president of the college are Warner alumni.)

You will leave Warner with a lot more practical knowledge and many more skills, but those aren’t even the most important things. The combination of the people you’ll meet, the experiences you’ll share, the hard work you’ll do and the service you’ll provide to others means that you will leave Warner with a new confidence, the ability to think things through quickly and clearly, and a whole new way of seeing and relating to the world. How’s that for a big claim? We wouldn’t make it if it hadn’t happened to us.

From Many: Many
You’re going to meet a lot of interesting people here—a lot of them will have backgrounds that are absolutely nothing like yours. We think that’s pretty cool. They will be from several countries around the world, and from the African-American, Asian-American, Latino and Native-American communities of our country. It’s a global society that we live in, a very small world, and ignorance of other cultures and ways of life is no excuse. Warner is committed to creating a blended and diverse community that learns from all of its members and is more than the sum of its parts.

You will also find people from many denominations and at different places in their relationship to Christ. Not every student here has the same connection with Christ, and no one is forced into anything that doesn’t feel right, but our commitment to the transforming power of God is the spirit
that joins this community.

From One: Everything
Relationships are the core of college life, and the relationship that is most central to the people of Warner Pacific is the one we have with Jesus Christ. We strive to live in a way that honors God, and to model our lives after Christ. This is one of Warner’s most distinctive traits—and a good example of something that’s easier to feel than it is to explain. In quiet times of prayer with friends or faculty, or in the many lively discussions that happen all over this campus, the transforming power of Christ is very real here.

One thing that grows out of that is our commitment to serving others. As Warner students, service is always present in what we say and do. You might find yourself making sandbags to hold back a flood, serving hot meals to the homeless, building a church in a Mexican village or renovating a hospital in
Eastern Europe. The global community will become all the more real to you as you share your time and talents, making a positive difference in the world.